End of Year Show

Our 5th Element Dance End of Year Shows are a fun and exciting experience for ALL students who wish to participate. Whether students attend classes once a week or every day, the End of Year Show is the culmination of everything they have learned throughout the year and is an opportunity for families and friends to see the results of all their hard work in a performance on stage.

The End of Year Show is our “graduation event”, and provides students an opportunity to work towards a long term goal, and creates a sense of belonging and working with a team (their class).

All students have the opportunity to be part of the Introduction and Finale dances (please note there may be additional rehearsals in Term 4) in addition to their regular class dances.

At 5th Element Dance (Nicole Marshman Dance) we start choreographing dances and designing costumes very early in the year and so we ask for a commitment from every student and family to attend compulsory performance dates.

Please note that it is optional to participate in the End of Year Show however we encourage everyone to take part, so you can experience the thrill of being part of a production.

Click here to download important dates: 5th Element Dance 2018 Important Dates

Costume Information 2019 to be advised.

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