The 5th Element Dance Excellence Program is a stepping stone to a career in dance for young students.

Developed by Nicole Marshman Geyl, the program allows dedicated students the opportunity to take their technique and performance standard to the next level, without forgoing their face-to-face academic schooling.

It is an individualized program which is done within our existing timetable. Student’s progress and results will be closely monitored by Miss Nicole.

Under Miss Nicole’s direction and mentorship, students have gained places in:

  • The National Ballet of Canada
  • Ajkun Ballet Company
  • Joffrey Ballet Company
  • Charlottesville Ballet Company
  • Australian Ballet School
  • New Zealand Ballet School
  • Prudence Bowen Atelier
  • ADPI
  • QUT
  • Queensland Ballet Senior Program.

Results from the 5th Element Dance Excellence Program:

  • Royal Academy of Dance Exam Results – 90% and above
  • Eisteddfod Results – Consistently placing in Eisteddfods
  • Royal Academy of Dance Scholarship Finalists
  • Student acceptance into Queensland Ballet Senior Program
  • Student acceptance into Prudence Bowen Atelier full time classical ballet training
  • Student acceptance into ADPI full time programs.

To apply, or for more information, please contact Administration and an interview will scheduled for you and your dancer with Miss Nicole.